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god ****ing damnit keyan. that's cause for a celebration! shots shots shots!!!!!

just got back from weekend of paintball at EMR paintfield in New Milford, PA Castle Conquest. went with 2 of my best friends, it was great...however my ****ing paintball gun was overpowered...350 fps, so i gotta go online and look how to tone it down 100 fps. said **** it all and used the free gun they had, and had a fun time anyway. the first day was insane 1st because so many people, and 2nd cause we were all ****ing hungover from the 30 pack the night before. today was more fun, smaller games, and not hungover just sore lol. great workout hope i can get more games in before the winter.

i have to manage to get powerpoint and set my speech up for tomorrow ****ing morning. fml i think i'll skip and make it up another time. idk. just pisses me off i wasn't home this weekend so zero prep time for it. ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i work great under stress....i hate talking in front of a group of kids...and the professor wants me to wear my army uniform to class when i give the speech. challenge accepted i guess.

finished my powerpoint presentation setup...hopefully there aren't technical difficulties tomorrow!!! and hopefully i get an A+. now...gonna put stuff away watch an episode of spartacus and go to sleep.

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