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great time at bible study tonight...making some new friends. caught 2 females checking me out. going to study some psychology junk for my quiz/test tomorrow then watch spartacus and then go to the gym...going to pick up some fig newtons to bring with me to the other bible study tomorrow. think i fit in more with the tuesday crowd than the other one, but we'll see in a week or so if i continue to go to the one on wednesdays...just seems everyone that goes to that one is 40+, not the point of going to a bible study but i'm looking for friends that are in my generation or closer to my age.

heh it's odd going back to the bible study that i was introduced to through my ex, nobody mentions her, but i'm there and i think about the times when she was there with me, and think wow life just can go on like that without someone being there. it's almost as if i never really stopped going there. weirdness.

so this is my 3rd week working out and according to my chart i lost 3 pounds since last week. idk if i'll keep losing weight or what is going on with my body, i'll just continue workout out...running is a pain in the ass i ran a mile in roughly 10 minutes today, considering it was uphill i don't think it was too bad but meh i miss when i'd be able to do that in 8 minutes. gonna keep at it and when it gets rough just switch to 4 minute intervals. i love running but i hate when my ankles and shins feel like they're strained, it's stupid and pisses me off and i get mad cause i know it's my body straining itself from the weight. i eat healthy too...and don't drink every day or nearly as much as i used to and rarely drink soda. maybe it's that i'm not getting enough sleep, stress, not enough water? i just don't know!

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