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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
Recently I have been working on a mod project, or so I say. In actuality I will open up kotor tool, start poking around, and then come up with any excuse I can of why I can't mod today. I love the feeling of seeing your story come to life. It's a wonderful thing, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do it anymore if I ever really could. So my question is this: how do you guys find motivation to mod? Or even work on any projects you don't have to complete?
To be honest, Canderous, I see where you're coming from a bit. I'm only a little younger then you and started modding around your age too. I'm 17 until the end of April.

I know this may sound cheesy, lame, or stupid, or whatever excuse people use to make fun of overly emotional speeches, but bear with me:

Think of how you felt the first time you made an item, the first time you got that skin looking just right, or even the first time one of your mods got a download. How did you feel, knowing that you could create almost anything you wanted? And what did you think when you saw that someone liked your idea? You wanted to do it again, didn't you?

I know that modding these games isn't a paid profession, but more of a hobby. That doesn't mean you can't try your hardest or do what someone tells you to; it means that you dive into a universe you enjoy, and make it seem a little more right.

For me, these things are paramount to why I mod. I enjoy what I create, but I also don't create mindlessly. I take after HK in that respect: it isn't about the numbers, but the quality of my work. I need to have it right, have it just the way it needs to be, and short of that, the best I can make it. I have a motivation to try my hardest, but I ground myself to something else: stability. Modding is a finely-tuned machine: if one thing goes out of balance, the machine loses its edge and doesn't function the way it should. For me, this translates into something real simple: "If it doesn't make sense, or you can't make it make sense, it can't be suitable material."

We all journey on the paths we tread, and sometimes we find a crossroads but don't know which way to tread. Tired from the journey, we settle down and rest a while to think. When we make a decision, we close paths that won't be tread; sometimes we leave our well-worn paths and travel roads new and unknown. But one day we must all go home.

You've been in this thing for about 3 years(give or take). Your lack of motivation is entirely justified. The best advice I can offer is to consider the basic questions:

1. Why did I get into modding?
2. What do I enjoy from it?
3. If I could give it up, why would I?

In closing, I find motivation because of my love of a good story. I feel great when I imagine an adventure unfold, the people, the places, the dangers and triumphs they face. They have lives, backgrounds, stories, wants and fears of their own. I get an immense satisfaction in telling their stories and molding them into people. If I see something that catches my eye, or that seems impossible, I ask myself, "Why not?" and think about how to do it.


Sorry for the immensely long post, but I didn't realize I had this much to say. Hope you do well, whatever you do in your free time. How's high school?

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