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Not much, but a news tidbit: A new set of Blu-Rays is coming out Oct 8th.

Apparently there are four different box sets. It looks like there's nothing really new here except DVD versions of the 2011 Blu-Rays (with no new content, just downsampled from the BD's I'm guessing).

"Steelbook" case versions of the Prequel Trilogy (3 BD's+ 3 DVD's) and Original Trilogy (ditto), and then "normal" versions of each. All of the "Prequel" sets have Yoda on the cover, while the "Original Trilogy" sets bear Darth Vader's likeness.

The BD's I expect are identical to the discs released in 2011. Remember, the only way to get the bonus content (other than the audio tracks) was to get the "Saga" Edition of both trilogies.

Looks like each set runs $40-45 on Amazon. IMHO a pointless release unless you really want to have the 2011 editions in SD.

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