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The true nature of surfacelight/lightimage? (shader)

I've noticed that when using surfacelight and lightimage in textures, it creates a weird inconsistent effect. Round lights are showing up on the surface that emits light. Makes it hard to find the right mood!

Here are two screenshots with an exaggerated surfacelight value, to show it.

Shader (non-exaggerated version):

	qer_editorimage textures/Bootland/ceiling1.tga
	q3map_lightimage textures/Bootland/ceiling1.tga
	q3map_surfaceLight 30
	map $lightmap
	rgbGen identity
	map textures/Bootland/ceiling1
	blendFunc filter
	rgbGen identity
Non-exaggerated screenshot:

I'm aware that it uses itself as a lightimage. This is so that the texture that is emitting will be affected by the light in the same degree as its surroundings (ideally..!)

Any ideas?
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