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I guess I'd like to add what I DID like about the novel:

1) Revan's development

Realism: Although the mary sue syndrome isn't completely gone, this book did much to reduce that perception. When fighting enemies, he was not infallible, and although quite capable he had to struggle and to think fast to get it right.

Lack of hubris: I'm sure it's no secret that many players have no shortage of shameless self reflection and sound arrogant for it. DK created Revan and (to my satisfaction) made the character such that although he was indeed great, he wasn't marinating in his own **** over it. He realized he was a mere mortal, a man, and that he "could die tomorrow" so it was important to make his efforts count here and now.

His appearance: Although the author said Revan's actual face is not of any in the actual game, Revan's final appearance is most similar to that which I personally would have chosen in the game. The medium length hair namely, and not being of particularly large size but rather average.

His combat style: I think Revan was a sort of self stylized fighter. Appearing to use multiple lightsaber forms (Soresu, Shien, Ataru, Niman) and force forms (none specifically hinted at, but his affinity for using force powers somewhat resembles that of Yoda and Qui Gon Jinn), while utilizing hand to hand unarmed combat as well.

I disliked: his portrayal as having a cosmopolitan city living preference. Personally I'd have preferred he live, maybe not totally rural but somewhere less populated than coruscant. And a cosmopolitan attitude is okay, but his possible views in a socio-political sense are something I'm probably at least somewhat at odds with in a personal sense. But, hey, it isn't an open character for our personal interpretations anymore. This is the author's Revan and his hand was forced, he HAD to create something definitive. It's probably a variation the author's own views, I think. This was also present in the Bane novels but to a much more muted degree. In his Revelations Mass Effect novel it's much more obvious.
There's opinions and I have mine but I'd rather not get into discussing this in more detail here though, as it may cause some friction between fan and author. I'll agree to disagree.

Where I think it could have been improved are

Its dealing with HK-47: the story could have covered this just a little bit more.

Surik's new Jedi Order might have been in its early stages but could it hurt to have mentioned how they helped get the old republic back on track?

What ever became of the Ebon Hawk.

Anyway I've gone on long enough. I'm thankful for this author having even mde KOTOR in the first place.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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