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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Yeah "out of print" but still available at most places where good DVDs are sold...
Yeah, but not the current versions of the movies (as similar as they are to the previous versions).

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
The 2011's were never out of print, as up until now the only way you could see them was in Blu-Ray HD.
But these are DVD + Blu-ray combos (just DVDs here in Europe). The DVD market is still huge and the previous versions are hard to find on stores.

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Funny thing is, I bet somebody will rush out and buy these either naively hoping there is "new content" or just to own yet another cover variation.
If I hadn't bought a Blu-ray player, I would buy at least the PT set for the new TPM transfer. I would probably wait for a price drop though.

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