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To Darth, Revan wasn't a Mary Sue to start with. What of the greater compliants about Revan's supposed tactial genius and his Leeory Jenkins nature during the planning and attack of the Sith Emperor. Due to Scourge being a Sith and Him being a Former Sith, His trust of Scourge is an idiot ball moment. Same with Jedi Exile trusting him as well. there is a difference in using a person to their gain and being naive about their nature. Both of them are students of Kreia; So using people is a part of her Teachings; so is not trusting people fully either.

Personally, Between Kotor 3 or a Novel, I rather had a Kotor 3 than a Novel. I don't see the need of the novel in the first place. Revan and Jedi Exile's stories are over before the Novel was even thought of.

No I am not angry at Drew. I do think the Novel is very broken based with the fans themselves.
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