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Depending on what happens, I think the majority of the fleet should be held back while a small battle group keeps the sith in orbit busy. If things get bad, we can easily pull in the rest of the fleet. And there's no telling what will happen if they choose not to surrender. They may fight to the death.

Tariq had an idea of what that meant. He still had to do it even though the LT wasn't there. He said, "Alpha Team is at your services ma'am." he gave her a salute.


Time to go. Now.

Tavaryn resisted heaving a sigh. He was injured and his armor was punctured. It would need to be repaired or something to patch it up just in case they lost pressure in the station. He nodded and said, "Follow the route Tara gave us."

It was slow going since they had to climb through debris. There was no other option and Tavaryn trusted Tara's judgment. She was made to compute probabilities and it seemed that she had a personality quirk that was unusual to AIs. He suspected that she was taking lessons from Belina and wouldn't be surprised if she did.

They made it until there was one thing standing in their way. It was a bulkhead that was fused shut. It connected them to the hangar and they could hear the quad lasers working. Tavaryn ran his hand on the door and said, "Tara."

The AI appeared on a nearby console, "LT you need to get to the ship. I don't know how much longer I can hold it."

"Got a problem. The bulkhead is sealed. Can you override?"

"Give me a minute." Tara worked and she frowned in frustration. "Damn. The line is cut and probably as a failsafe. Even if I could repair it the integrity won't last that long."

Tavaryn nodded and turned to look at his companions and asked, "Are any of you good at rigging explosives?"

Tara saw what he was getting at and said, "A well placed mine and remote triggered should be able to open it without causing unnecessary damage."

Tavaryn looked at his companions. He needed an answer.


Jun-la was deflecting Sith trooper blaster bolts and she could tell that Kalla was having fun in the turrets. They were going to be okay once they got everyone else. Andros could punch it and they would be on their way. She commed to Kalla, "I see you are having fun. Keep it up."

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