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I actually do have a rough plan for ending these RPG stories if enough people sign on to it.
  1. We'd have a group re-read of the RPGs, with a separate commentary thread for us all to post in. This would also act as a nonsensical get-together, and would probably take a month for each RPG, Cantina month and PtH month. 2 months
  2. Once we all finished (and said so in the thread), we'd make a list of plot threads we wanted to wrap up. 1 week
  3. We'd then make a list of everything we still want to happen in the RP -- leaving plenty of blanks to be played out while we actually, well, roleplayed. Could be either really long or really short (probably a minimum of three things). 1 week
  4. Finally, we'd play out the ends of both RPGs; PtH first, then Cantina. 6 to 9 months

So the entire thing would probably take a year total.

It wouldn't be even close to as in-depth as the original plan, but that's never going to happen. I would happily sign on to the plan above, but I'd never be able to resume the way it was before.

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