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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Yeah, but not the current versions of the movies (as similar as they are to the previous versions).
Not sure what you mean there. The 2004 editions can still be found most places DVDs are sold, even if you have to look in the "used" or "bargain bin" sections. The 2006 "bonus discs" are also pretty easy to find once again. Remember, both those versions were last released in 2008 as those "trilogy" box sets and are still the most "current" dvd-only versions.

The 2011 Blu-Rays are still easy to find (having only come out two years ago and are still close to full price at places like wal-mart), so this new set seems pretty pointless, unless you really really wanted to see the latest batch of changes but have no blu-ray capability. I consider the last several editions to be inferior, but whatever. "Collectors" are surely happy whenever a new edition comes out, even if it's just a slightly different looking cover.

But these are DVD + Blu-ray combos (just DVDs here in Europe). The DVD market is still huge and the previous versions are hard to find on stores.
I can only speak for the country I live in, so I'm glad to hear that you can finally have access to a DVD of Star Wars, even if it's ruined. (does that sound bitter and cynical enough? j/k)

Blu-Ray market share is just below 27% of the U.S. (nearly 6.5 years after the format's debut). They're probably even inflating those figures since the latest trend has been forcing consumers to buy the blu-ray version of a movie in the same package as the DVD.

If I hadn't bought a Blu-ray player, I would buy at least the PT set for the new TPM transfer. I would probably wait for a price drop though.
The way I see it, the only one that's really decent on the Prequel set is Episode III. Episode II is blue and TPM looks somewhat better in places, but now has some unnecessary changes and doesn't look nearly as good as it should have on the format (but we can't have it looking better than episode 2 & 3 now can we?).

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