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Sorry for not responding with some feedback earlier. I did take some notes, but I forgot to reply/got buried in other things. So here are some thoughts/things I noticed after a second playthrough.

- In the first module, you appear to have two sets of music playing at once.
- The window texture doesn't work all that well, I thought. Maybe replace it with something that tiles a little more easily?
- Darth Poxus' skin is very nicely done.
- I would consider revising/redrafting some of the dialogue a bit. The basic content is good, but it might benefit from another going over.

- The wastes are far too large. I get what you're going for, but it's so big that you risk boring the player rather than immersing them, IMO, unless you intend to let them travel at speed using the speederbike?

- Also, the walkmesh was sticky in quite a few places, and the ground textures are stretched and occasionally Z-fighting where you've laid them on top of one another; it makes the wastes seem kind of surreal.

- The blockiness of the area design, which I imagine was necessary because of the sheer scale of the map, is a bit of a negative IMO; maybe reduce the size of the map (even at half the size, there would still be a significant amount of space between the various objects in the area), and make the mountains a bit more detailed.

- The interior of the shrine can be seen from the area with the Hssiss, and the same on the other side, too.

- The joins in the skybox are visible.

- There are occasional grammatical and orthographic errors in the mod. Where you have an ellipsis (...), you should leave a space after it and before the next word. Also, "forsaked" in the Ellerix dialogue - I think you meant "forsook". Occasionally there are also some mixed metaphors. with Finnis Orbiton's journal, "darkness and death" is a nice example. Death can't be alive.

- Ellerix's VO is incredibly quiet. I could scarcely hear it.

Those rather niggling points at side, however, I really liked this demo. The ambition of the area design is excellent, and I greatly look forward to the planet hopping that the full mod promises (I always love interplanetary quests. ). The choice and consequence, and mechanics of roleplay are magnificent, and so far as I know, unparalleled in KotOR modding (and quite possibly better than can be found in the games). The shrine is wonderful, and the final area is beautifully realised. There are some really imaginitive parts to this, and you clearly put a lot of thought into each thing in the mod. In short, it was fun to play, and had a lot more going on than the usual hack-and-slash.

The one thing I would say is to maybe increase the consequences which correspond to the player's choices. Dark Side/Light Side points are fairly common in the game, so maybe make use of the ability to give force points and/or permanent attribute and skill modifiers as another way to give the player stronger outcomes from their choices.

In all, a definite from me. Looking forward to your next release.
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