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[OOC] Legacy: Blood of the Moonborn

~ In a world not quite our own in a time like none we've seen, the growing dark looms over the huddled masses of Man. ~

Of the myriad beasts and creatures that stalk the nights of our realm, none is as fearsome or repulsive a thing as the Werwulf. On this plane there exists no greater perversion, no higher mockery, of the natural form and spirit or either Beast nor Man.
~ The Dark of Our Souls, Chapter LXIII; Author Unknown

So. This is going to serve as a prequel, of sorts, to a personal writing project I've been working on steadily over the last year or so. The story will take place in the city-state of Harkshire, England, in a dystopic parallel-world Earth circa 1925. Technological progress has reached a similar point, if very different style, as the world we're familiar with - the Victorian Age accelerated; an anarchistic world fueled by coal and driven by steam. In this world, the creatures that live in our own stories and legends are very different, very real... and very hungry. We will each take on the roll of a Hunter, a private citizen who defends themselves and their fellow Man in the shadow war against the things that move in the dark - in this story, the darkest and most dangerous of all: the Werwulf. Exactly how different this creature is from what we know and understand to be a werewolf will become apparent once we begin.

For now, I'd like to see some character sheets. Just as in the real world, we're all going to be human. Beyond that, you can be any sort of character you'd like - so long as you think they're prepared for what's to come. I'll have my own character up come morning, but for now I'll post the general format I'd like people to use.

Name: Required and self-explanatory.
Age: Not required, but ideal. Be sensible here.
  • Height: Ideal, but optional.
  • Weight: Optional.
  • Hair: Preferred but optional.
  • Eyes: Optional.
  • Weapon(s): Required. Can be anything sensible for the time period. Guns do exist in this world, but are limited to revolvers, muskets, etc. No automatics or snipers, I'm afraid.
  • Apparel: Required.
History/Biography: I'd like everyone to put something here, even if it's just a brief overview of their personality, or how/why they became a Hunter. Don't need a full life story, just something to give the rest of us a feel for you.

If anyone has any questions or would like more information on anything specific, please ask. I'm more than happy to provide any information on the setting you may need.

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