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Name: Memoria Saeculum - her primary pseudonym. She has left her given name behind.
Gender: Female.
Age: 24 years old.
Description: [Image 1] | [Image 2]
  • Height: ~1.70m/~5'6".
  • Weight: ~51kg/~112lbs.
  • Hair: Dark brown; shoulder length; most often styled in a ponytail.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Weapon(s): A telescopic aluminum quarterstaff. The staff collapses to only a foot and a half long, but by twisting the handle can be extended to a full six feet. She also carries small explosive charges packed with rock salt.
  • Apparel: Memoria wears black denim pants, a dark red tunic, and a black military-style bomber jacket that once belonged to her father's father. She also wears two iron rings - her parents' wedding bands - on her right hand; one on her ring finger, and the other on her index. Both rings show signs of once being thinly gilded, though most of the gold has since flaked away.
History/Biography: Memoria's father was a paranormal researcher killed in the course of an experiment gone wrong when she was seven. Her mother was killed in the same accident, and Memoria lived thanks only to the heroism of her father's young assistant. Now a doctor of paranormal research himself, Dr. Seward Chase used his connections and knowledge to train Memoria to hunt and combat the creatures he and her father spent their lives researching. She has been training in hand to hand combat, stealth, and deductive reasoning for over a decade, and has been a hunter in her own right for nearly six years. She specialises in ghosts, poltergeists, and malevolent spirits in general.

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