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Name: Sir Alexander Kenneth, Lord Grimhall
Aliases: Alex Kenneth, Alex Grimm
Age: 33

  • Height: 178 cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 79 kg / 174 lbs
  • Hair: Raven black
  • Eyes: Greyish-blue
  • Weapon(s): Revolver, a switchblade and a swordstick.
  • Apparel: Depends on the occasion. When going by his title, Alexander makes sure to dress well with expensive suits, a tophat, shined leather Oxford shoes and his cane as well as wearing an expensive overcoat when outdoors. When using an alias, Alexander wears clothing more suited for perhaps the lower middle classes with rough brown or grey jackets and simple work pants and cheaper and worn-looking derby leather shoes.

History/Biography: Alexander Kenneth was the second son of Sir Edward Kenneth, a Baronet in southern England as well as an industrialist with ties to many factories and railway lines through small ownerships here and there. Unknown to everyone the family had a long tradition as hunters of not just deer and foxes but monsters and beasts that others knew only from folklore and tales told to children to scare them if they didn't behave themselves. When one such hunter in the family received a recognition as a Baronet, a tradition was founded that the eldest surviving child was to be the successor to the Baronet and it's titles. The second son would continue the hunt with the full support from the Baronet.

And so it was that Alexander grew up with tutoring from his uncle how to hunt these legendary beasts from an early age as well as receiving all the tutoring necessary for an upper-class gentleman such as himself. When his father passed away suddenly, fallen deathly ill with pneumonia at the age of 56, Alexander's brother received the title and the lands and Alexander received in turn a lordship over the family manor of Grimhall, a title that would give him ease of passage to most of the world if he so wished. He remained in the study of his uncle until his twenties, at which point his uncle took him to Germany and the villages that were close to where their family really originated from. There he fought his first and so far only werwulf as well, a gruesome melee which gave Alexander not only a realization over the real threat the beasts posed but a scar on his right cheek and several more on his chest as well. He would certainly have died at the hands of the beast if not for his uncle who managed to surprise and kill the beast.

After travelling through Europe and the Middle-East for some years, refining his skills and abilities, he returned to England to find that his uncle and tutor had died peacefully in the manor of Grimhall just some weeks prior to his arrival back. Alexander made a vow to continue his uncle's work and started reading up on any information his uncle had gathered on the beasts of England, then finally making plans to travel further north in England. Interestingly enough, he would find his skills and abilities challenged heavily as he started his trip, his training giving him prowess against corporeal manifestations such as vampires and revenants but having very little practical knowledge on the banishment of purely spiritual beings like ghosts and poltergeists.

Hope this is to your satisfaction. Hope a bloodline of hunters and a previous lucky encounter with a werwulf is alright with you. I can change it if it doesn't fit with your vision of the world. I left the werwulf encounter as vague as possible for the sole reason of leaving the description of the "arch-nemesis" of the story to the author. I can change it to werewolf if you wish the werwulf to be a more rare and powerful being.

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