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We're a bit thin on characters here, even with Writer working on one as well. So I'm going to create another one myself.

Name: Darren Coal.
Gender: Male
Age: 73 years old.
Description: [Image]
  • Height: ~1.78m/5'10".
  • Weight: ~92kgs/~203lbs.
  • Hair: Mostly bald; remaining hair is steely grey.
  • Eyes: Dark grey.
  • Weapon(s): Prefers a crossbow, but also maintains a collection of blades as well as a rather extensive set of both chemical and alchemical stores.
  • Apparel: Dark, thick cotton slacks, a simple tunic (usually green or brown) and a heavily battered brown leather jacket with heavy steel boots. He carries a large duffel bag across his back where he keeps whatever weapons aren't currently necessary. This usually stays behind in whatever shelter he's secured for a particular hunt, but of course travels with him when he's on the road.
History/Biography: Coal has been a traveling professional hunter for over fifty years. His wanderings have taken him from his hometown in West Yorkshire, across the English Channel to the shores of war-torn France, down the Italian peninsula and across the Mediterranean, all the way across the ice fields of Greater Russia and back again. His wide experience paired with his extensive knowledge of lore has made him something of a legend in many hunting circles. He's equally famous, however, for his complete disregard for whatever human life may come between him and his targets. He's ruthless, bitter, stubborn, and highly reclusive, maintaining very few stable connections within the hunting community and even fewer beyond it.
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