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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Just out of there a video that's not really long (<10 mins tops) that synopsizes IT? Most of ones I've seen in past go on far too long to bother sitting thru. I realize that the basic premise is that a lot of events in games are a giant mind**** of sorts. But if IT is essentially that you spend 3 games or frankly even one, playing out a dream, essentially, I can't say it sounds much more interesting that what we got (even including the last 10 min.....w/or w/o EC).
I believe the central part of the IT is that Shepard is fighting Indoctrination for most of ME3 (evidenced by the dream sequences) but doesn't succumb to it until Harbinger attacks him at the Conduit (explaining the dream-like qualities of the sequences that follow). Hence a hypothetical DLC following up on the Indoctrination Theory would've been able to, hypothetically, provide a new ending without undermining the vast major of time put into the game beforehand.

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