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Re-used an old character (like I've been doing lately, lol). Mostly done; not sure of the attire, I understand 1925 attire to be similar to that of Bioshock Infinite, yet the alternate Pseudo-Steampunkesque setting and the mention of the Victorian Era made me jump on the idea of my old character, who was decked out like an old Highwayman.

Either way, tell me what you think, and I'll change what's needed!

Name: Dante Eligius
Gender: Male.
Age: 37
Description: Normal
  • Height: 194.31 cm / 6'4.5"
  • Weight: 96.16 kgs / 212 lbs
  • Hair: Light Auburn; slicked back
  • Eyes: Aniridic/Pure Black
  • Weapon(s): 'Purgatus' - Sword Revolver; Pepper-Box Rifle; Guisarme; Knuckledusters
  • Apparel: Cloaked | Armored - When not out "hunting", Dante wears grey striped trousers, Tweed-Leather Boots, a tucked in white linen long-sleeve shirt (tie is optional), with a grey corduroy vest and white silk gloves. When "hunting", he wears a set of custom armor. And no matter what, whether it be for "hunting" or not, he almost always has his sleeved black gentleman's cloak.
History/Biography: Dante's life before the age of twenty is a sad tale to those that know him. And even to those that don't, simply studying his body language, physical appearance (with or without clothes), manner of speech, and thought processes, it can be deduced that his early life was that of torturous servitude, as well as bigotry and hate, even most slaves would be treated better than his body suggests.

Those few that know him, know that Dante was born to his parents in a small superstitious village in the far southern regions of Italy on a Saturday. Like most children he was born with deep black eyes, with not much thought of it until he was able to walk, where his parents began to take notice of his eyes as the very fearful and wary villagers began to point out that his eyes were 'soulless', empty pits without color. His eyes were not black in color, no, he had aniridia, where the near entirety of his eyes were nothing but dark empty pupils. In this moment, his parents gave in to their fears, and that of the slowly noticing villagers, over superstitious beliefs that he was born a child of demons, or in some way was possessed of evil; they attempted to rid themselves of him. Knowing none would take him in, they sought to kill him, and in their attempts they, from what Dante had been told, lost themselves, and took their own lives while trying to take his also.

He was found and taken in by the local Father, whom, although he was almost as superstitious as the villagers and feared Dante almost as much, was a pious man that knew that it'd be better to care for the child than leave him to die.

While growing up, Dante was nothing more than a serf, treated lower than a dog as he cared for the chapel; most of his young life was spent on all fours, explaining quite well the large callouses on the heels of his hands and knees. And while the Father never treated him poorly, he never showed great care for him either. While the local Sisters, the 'Nuns', despised him, treating him horribly. When the father wasn't around he was spat on, beaten, whipped, and when he made even the slightest mistake, he was punished by means that would be considered horrid in nature. Often this is enough to explain the extensive degree of scars on his neck, back, and even the tips of his fingers.

But Dante never grew up resenting them for it. He was grateful to the Father for taking him in, despite never showing him the love parents showed their children, nor providing him with the life a child should have growing up. But the Father was a kind enough man, whom was very wise, and was always willing to pass his wisdom on to Dante even if dismissively. This helped Dante to grow into a man of great wisdom, though he lacked any real education, Dante grew up learning all he needed in the chapel. And anything he didn't learn for himself, he would be taught later on.

When Dante turned eighteen the Father told him that he was to leave and get a proper education. He told Dante everything he'd learned about the boy, and anything that Dante didn't know for himself. He told Dante that there was a reason beyond pity or mercy that the Father took Dante in. He told him that he was born on a Saturday, making him a Sabbatianoí - a Sabbatarian; having eyes like a newborn, empty and...'Soulless'. He did not believe that Dante was possessed of anything, and that he did in fact have a soul, he'd always told Dante that. Though Dante knew much of this already, there was much more behind it that the Father revealed to him also, of a 'secret', or 'dark' world that the village they lived in, feared, for the superstitions that they held were held with good reason.

The Father gave Dante an old sword of the Crusades, a weapon that was apparently the chapel's, though by some twist of fate it once belonged to his family lineage, for his ancestors wielded it in it's glory. By his understanding it had been refurbished into a crude 'sword-shot' and used after the Crusades to fend off the dark and evil things that had once, long haunted the village that he lived in.

He took the sword, and left the village to get his education. In his time away he would join the military to have access to a quick and remedial education, where he absorbed all the knowledge he could, before being sent off to join the "War". He became a skilled combatant, and a veteran of many battles, where he would earn commendations for early release from service. He left the military well decorated, with a horse, a rifle and ammunition, and improvements to his ancestor's sword, having improved it's gun portion into a well-made, modern revolver, capable of firing six shots and the most modern (and the rarest) forms of ammunition, rimfire bullets; as well as improvements to the hilt, where a basket guard was integrated with the rest of the hilt and old cross-guard. Creating a strange but effective amalgamation of a sword-revolver.

The rest of his early life goes blank after his leaving the military, much of his activities are never discussed after this point, though he has made it known that he went out to the far east to come into a greater understanding of this hidden world of living superstitions the Father had told him of, as well as to find someone to train him, as he knew of no one, and never was able to find anyone, no matter how hard he searched, asked, or tried in the whole of Europe. When he finally came back years later, it was as if he were returning from war all over again, only this time, the battles he'd fought and the lessons he'd learned were all too different than what he'd experienced before; and Dante is never ashamed to admit that it was his experience with killing and fighting in the military that kept him from getting killed when he went to find a master out in the east. And it was his Master, when he finally found him, that had kept him from being killed when he came into a full understanding of the 'world' that the Father had spoken of.

After his return to Europe Dante made it his duty to return to his old village and rid them of their living fears. He freed them of their torments, and was held up like a saint, and almost worshiped just as much. They made him armor, fashioned in the manner of an old Highwayman, and provided him with everything they possibly could. It was then that he noticed that it was because of his eyes; this time rather than bringing him ridicule, prejudice, and hate it brought him worship, almost like he were divine. He hated this just as much as the ridicule, being a humble man he did not want worship or praise. He found himself blessed that the Father was still very much alive. Turning to him for help on the matter, he was told that for those that knew no better, his eyes would always bring him one thing or another, if not hate and cruelty, then worship and exaltation - simple minds brought about simple thoughts. If they knew no better, then it was his place to let them know.

Dante donned his armor and cloak, and left the village without a word, leaving them in the hands of the wizened old Father, for this was his place, his words would straighten them, not Dante's - Though they would have heard, they would not have listened, to them he was beyond reproof, even his own, that is how bad it had gotten. From then on Dante has never dwelt in one place too long for fear of the repercussions it might have.

Dante specializes in the realm of the Sabbatarian: the hunting and killing of Moroi, and more importantly, Strigoi. As well as extensive knowledge of the more exotic and foreign creatures of superstition. Beyond that he is best suited against, well...Other people - Even those, if not especially those, whom deal in darker forces.

((Finish it a little later. Will put a description of the actual attire, and add his weapons and Bio.))

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