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Originally Posted by Master_Archon View Post
Re-used an old character (like I've been doing lately, lol). Mostly done; not sure of the attire, I understand 1925 attire to be similar to that of Bioshock Infinite, yet the alternate Pseudo-Steampunkesque setting and the mention of the Victorian Era made me jump on the idea of my old character, who was decked out like an old Highwayman.

Either way, tell me what you think, and I'll change what's needed!

Name: Dante Eligius
Gender: Male.
Age: 37
Description: NormalHistory/Biography:

((Finish it a little later. Will put a description of the actual attire, and add his weapons and Bio.))
The attire looks alright to me. I'm not too worried about "historical accuracy" in a parallel world story. At least not where fashion is concerned. So long as you don't put him in a polyster no-iron slacks, a tye-dyed cotton t-shirt, or similar then you're pretty much clear to use your own judgement.

Re: your equipment. I'll just point out that firearms in this world would be incredibly difficult for the average person - hunter or otherwise - to come by. Ammunition even more so. You certainly don't have to get rid of either anything, but I would suggest building a reason for his having them into his backstory somehow - maybe they were his father's, or he's fought in the war at some point, or something to that effect. Because people are going to notice a civilian with a firearm. Also keep in mind that ammunition in a Britain ravaged by a century long war that it seems to be loosing would leave proper ammunition - along with many other things - incredibly scarce.

Originally Posted by Writer View Post
Yes, still working on them. Sorry, been surprisingly busy lately. Should be able to finish at least one tonight, I think.
Nights must be long indeed in your neck of the woods.

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