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I know its been months, but there really should be a Compatibility list with other mods, mainly any of the big ones. If it more than likely isn't compatible with other mods it would be nice to have been noted. I'm mainly looking at: Kotor Ultimate gameplay rebalance, kotor longsabers(not a big deal), Armour inventory icon overhaul(not a big deal), Kotor Tabletop D20 conversion mod.

If i use TSL patcher with this will that help alleviate any compatibility issues? I've never played kotor with mods as the original is pretty good. But i've beaten it many many times since its release and after playing TSLRCM, i was curious what was out there for the first game.

Obviously Brotherhood is my main mod, but if i could include the balance mod and D20 skill/attribute conversion mod, it would truly be a great new experience compared to just an added story arc. Thanks to any and all help on this

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