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Hah! Yes, indeed. What's this night been? Going on two days now. Sorry, I keep getting distracted. Here's the first:

Name: Adara Moore
Age: 29
Description: Image
• Height: 5’ 7”
• Weight: 125 lbs.
• Hair: Brown, shoulder, length, curly, often artificially straightened.
• Eyes: Blue
• Weapon(s): Bow, arrows, throwing knives, 1 long knife for close-quarters combat.
• Apparel: For her day-to-day life, Adara dresses in the fashions of the era. As a vigilante, she wears a mask, and a costume done in the same style/colors.

Adara Moore was born into wealth, but her parents were careful in raising her. Not everything she desired was given to her. She was taught the value of her future wealth long before she would ever be able to spend it. At seventeen years of age, she was kidnapped, to be held for ransom, but a boy two years younger defeated her guards and returned her to her family. Realizing the boy was one of the orphaned street rats, Adara’s father offered him a place to live in exchange for his service to the family. The boy declined, saying he already had a home. But a week later, he returned and asked if the offer was still open.

This new addition to their house fascinated Adara. She spent much of her free time with him, even inviting him to attend various social events with her. They introduced him as Graham Jones, a distant cousin come to live in the city for a while. In a matter of weeks, they were inseparable, for Graham was as fascinated by Adara as she was by him. But her interest in him took a sharp turn a month later when her would-be kidnappers tried again, and Graham fought them off, and was injured in the process.

During his recovery Adara scarcely left his side. When he was conscious and feeling up to it, she pressed him with questions about his past. When at last he admitted he’d been trained in combat from a young age, she demanded that he teach her everything he knew, but he stubbornly refused. He insisted she didn’t know what she was asking, and for a time, she let him be.

One year later, having failed to snatch Adara twice, the men responsible for the attempts instead set fire to her home. Graham got her to safety, but her parents died in the blaze. Deeply grieved, Adara first ordered the reconstruction of her home. Then, she ordered Graham to teach her how to fight. Again, he begged her to reconsider, but this time, her resolve was stronger. She insisted the deaths of her parents could not go unanswered. Graham tried to persuade her that he could hunt them himself, but Adara answered that if he did, she would never speak to him again. Reluctantly, he began training her, much as he had once been trained.

Adara took his training and put it into use as a vigilante. By the time she was twenty-five, she’d created a mask and costume, and made secret purchases of a specialized bow, arrows, and knives. Graham joined her in her vigilante activities, though more because he knew Adara’s father, were he still living, would kill Graham if something happened to Adara. And since he can’t stop her, he just has to do his best to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed. Needless to say, his costume is much less flashy than hers.

In four years, they've hunted down the men responsible for the death of Adara's parents, as well as a few other notorious criminals. What they don't know is that their next hunt will bring them face to face with something they're not remotely prepared to deal with.

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