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I did everything... still it doesnt working.

1. Type in cmd - bcdedit -set testsigning on. After I reboot my PC, I can see the watermarks.

2. Notification in the uac, i make sure, that the lever is pulled down to the bottom. (btw, it like this before).

3. I Downloaded and Installed the "Disable Win7 driver signing enforcer" software.
Run it. I did select the "enable test mode", then click to the next.
Then, i selected "exit" and clicked the next.

That's it.

Then I tried the same operations, but with the another version of a PPjoy 0846.

Same results.

On the screenshots i put the configurations of the program settings.

P.S. I'm sure, there is something went wrong, because, I do remember, i was looking in the Mapping settings, previous time, before I found this Forum. If you remember, I wrote it above.

So, It was working fine that time, and by the matter of fact, I already ran this game, but with the graphic issues.

I dont know what to think. Maybe you guys, could point me my mistakes.
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