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Yeah I don't think lowering prices by small sums and stacks of plebian mats are really going to upset anyone.

I don't blame anyone for waning to get rid of clutter either.

Apparently even though there are suggested prices, you can still run at a profit and "undercut" the market. I guess THAT is what kind of undercutting is frowned upon. Because it "supposedly" lowers prices of things to a point where everyone has to run at a loss in order to sell them. I don't follow.

Personally, sounds to me it's just a bunch of people who whine because they don't know any market savvy. Sounds like a bunch of 'hidden blue line' stuff.

I suppose one could run at a loss but after awhile that just eats more out of you. Or so I'd think. That isn't the case here. Not exactly. If you're only undercutting the suggested "retail price" but still running at a profit...that isn't a loss. Unless I missed something.

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