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Tavaryn backed up and turned to cover the flank. He felt like crap since he had his suit punctured and was sore all over. He just wanted to curl up in a bed and sleep. He ended up thinking that he was being a wussy for wanting that.

Fire in the hole!

Tavaryn raised his forearm to protect himself and braced for the explosion. He glanced at a panel and noted that Tara was doing her thing. The explosion went off and the bulkhead opened. Tara's voice was heard, "Successful breach. Station defense systems still active. You should be able to reach the Ebon Hawk."

"Thanks Tara," Tavaryn said. He looked at Xandros and the Cathar and nodded. He led the way down the corridor towards the hangar bay. Along the way he picked up Tara since the AI had the systems mostly under her control and they were almost there.

They made it to the entrance way when Tavaryn was suddenly flung off his feet and into a bulkhead. He could hear Tara saying something about his vitals and suit systems but couldn't focus. In his view was Tyrannus back again and he was looking at the trio saying, "Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?"

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