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"Did you think you could get rid of me so easily?"

Varith turned and looked at the Ebon Hawk. He could feel his daughter's presence aboard the ship...and for a brief moment he felt the anger that seemed to have always been with him fade away.

It was replaced by a feeling of peace...and knowing that what he would do next would most likely not only save the life of his daughter, but those he had entrusted her to.

He grabbed Tavaryn's hand and pressed a small data-chip into his palm. "When you get home, show this holographic chip to my daughter. I hope it helps her."

Varith smiled sadly at the ship and than turned around to face Tyrannus. "Get to the ship...and tell my daughter and your mate that what I do...I'm doing for them. When you feel she's ready...tell her what I once was...and what I become once again at the end."

"Get your friend to the ship. I'll deal with this one."

Xandros's eyes widened in shock as Varith ignited his lightsaber and slowly advanced towards Tyrannus and looked up at the bulkhead door that was currently open. He brought his hands down in a fierce downward motion and the door closed behind him, separating Varith and Tyrannus from the rest of the group.

"I started on my path as a Jedi. I turned away from the light-side and became what I once swore to destroy...but here, at the end, I will be a Jedi once again!"

He unleashed a short burst of lightning at the door controls and snarled at Tyrannus.

"You won't escape this time. This die." Varith snarled again as he slowly began to circle Tyrannus.
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