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In the earlier story treatment (circa 1983) she lived on Alderaan and died when Leia was a little girl. Obi-Wan and Anakin were both older in that timeline and many other differences.

The idea that Anakin turned evil because of Padme never sat well with me. Plus, once she's gone, what's the reason to stay with Palpatine? Just because he killed all his friends (or tried to) and felt that was nothing left? If that's the case, then you kill Palpatine and end up the last "Dark Lord of the Sith" and rule the galaxy. At least you can retire in style instead of spending your life running errands for some "master."

In any case, having her survive is no crazier than a dozen other possible plot points or things that actually happened. So it could have worked. Padme's role was much more symbolic in Episode III anyway (note the decrease in active screen time from the previous two films). It's maybe a little more important than if Mace Windu or Darth Maul had lived (or Boba Fett) but still.

From the point of view of the "six film saga" now as it stands, there are plenty of Prequel characters that should be alive during the time of the OT movies that never appear onscreen or run into the main characters, so it's not like the universe would implode if they just never met. That reminds me of the days when everyone thought every new character introduced in the Prequels had to be killed off by the time of A New Hope, because somehow they would have had to be onscreen or dead (not just offscreen because there was no reason for them to be there during those events, etc.)

My take on it is this, Anakin was turning the Dark Side already when Padme was alive, so her dying or not dying really has little to do with it (unless you try to force it to be that way in the story). If anything it was his mother dying that started him on the path to the Dark Side. But no, you could argue he already had a dark future, he already had a rough beginning and Palpatine was already trying to meddle in his life even before she was ever in danger. If he had a loving mother with him would he have turned? Maybe without a father figure, he still would have turned. Then again in real life there are plenty of evil people who had two loving parents who tried to raise them right. Ultimately it's nobody's fault but Anakin's that he turned bad. If he was never bad, how could he be redeemed? Is he just a good guy who just got tricked by some bad people? That weakens that whole thing quite a bit.

Oh well. It is what it is now. Lucas made it up as he went along and what we got in 2005 was not what he planned in '76 or '79, or '82 or even '92.

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