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I could tell you that, but then I would have to paint you blue and call you Nancy. I don't think anyone wants that...

Just kidding. My stepfather passed away and I moved mom in with me, essentially extending the senior care part of my life into unknown future. I now have six cats (and two strays who came with the house) which officially qualifies me as a *crazy cat man.* The recession has greatly benefited my weapons collection, with a lot of cool stuff coming up for sale. I now own a nineteenth century japanese wakizashi short sword, for example.

I haven't had a computer online in all this time...and I got along just fine without it, until I wanted to find a better job and discovered that most companies insist on your applying online. Forty bucks a month just for this, but at least it means I can hang out once again with my Star Wars buddies here at Lucasforums.

Oh, yeah. Thanks for the veteran award, Lynkster. I blew it up, printed it out and taped it inside the living room window so the neighbors will know who they're messing with.
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