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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
So, apparently my gf's mom may have some sort of cancer.

I... have no idea what to do.
That's rough dude. Just be supportive and listen a lot, and take up whatever slack you can while the gf is spending time at hospital or with her mom.

Getting close to 7-grand back in taxes. Sweet. My mom doesn't earn enough to file anymore, so that makes me head-of-household, with all the big deductions that comes with it.

And I know what y'all mean about communication breakdowns... the last woman that caught my attention is apparently unreachable. I've called, went to voicemail, no call back. I've also texted, emailed and Facebook messaged, with no replies. We clicked in person last time I saw her... but setting up another meeting has proven impossible, so I've given up on that front. I guess I have to wait for her to choose to get in touch with me again, and who knows when that might be. And she always seems to try and schedule something on a day and time when I'm at work...

My patience with being patient has run out.

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