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cracken: just be supportive. suggest she spend as much time with her mom as she can. idk

so i went down to the mall because i now can play some blu rays, i bought The entire Xmen Collection and The Immortals for $28.

my friend bailed out on a party that we had planned on going tomorrow, and of course i can't make it without a ride...needless to say i'm really pissed off about it, because when HIS car broke down when he wasn't working, who drove him around everywhere ALL THE TIME without being a little pussy bitch about it? this guy. ****, i never even asked for gas money (and he never donated). though i guess he has some bitch excuse, like he's gotta be back down to work at 0530 on monday. wah wah wah so much driving. give me a ****ing break, guy. i wouldn't be as pissed about it if he had just told me NO he wasnt wanting to go to this all you can eat and drink buffet that my friend invited us to (i asked him and he said 'yeah i wanna go') because my friend bought us tickets for it, expecting that we'd be there. i'm just so angry because that kind of reflects on me, but my friendship kinda is taking a dive with this guy, like plane crashing in the middle of the ocean. he's indecisive, he never follows through on ****, when i used to pick him up to go out, i'd call and let him know an hour in advance i'd get there and he'd still be getting ready. he procrastinates, he acts jealous at me because i dont have to work anymore, he gets mad that i don't have a car. also he still lives with his parents and is almost 30. (ed, no offense to you your situation is totally different) He had the opportunity to be roomates with me, and wouldn't have to drive a 60 mile round trip to and from work each day (i live 3 miles from where he works), he's pretty ****ing stupid and it really pisses me off. /end of rant

anyways i also stopped at rite aid today, and got buncha **** for my ankles/heel pain, i got dr scholl's orthopedic inserts, popped them in my shoes before the 2 mile walk home and there was a huuuuuuuuuge difference. no pain at all!!!! only thing i can see being a side effect however, is when i go running, the back of my ankle rubbing against the back of my shoe...uncomfortable but alot more comfortable than trying not to walk like a zombie!

i'm grateful for the 2 cashiers that helped me out getting me deals, the rite aid guy swiped his card to get me $9 off of my inserts, and the FYE guy found a better deal for me on the xmen collection. so overall today was a good day, besides my good friend pissing in my bowl of cheerios!

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