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Cracken, I'm sorry to hear that. :sad: You'll know what to do when your other half needs you. If she finds herself caring for her mom at home, there will be a lot for you to do.

Dating? I've been single for fourteen years, not counting *encounters* and the female I almost got hooked up with a few years ago. Waste of time, if you ask me. I've decided to get back into that only if some totally hot, smart and rich babe falls in love with me and has to have some rabbit...on my terms. Chicks of this type form a line here:

*(Crickets chirp. Slowly.)*

Meanwhile, I had a great day sword collecting yesterday. I found a Knights of Pythias lion-head sword, a rare fraternal sword from around 1900, in a local antique mall for $125. This isn't mine, but this is what one looks like:

One sold on line recently for $625. I can't gamble worth a damn, but if you want the best value for your sword-collecting money...send me in.
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