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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
That's a pretty good return on investment Zoomie!

You gonna sell it at all so you can buy more swords, or just get it cleaned up an add it to the aresenal?
My weapons collection is my own idiotic form of retirement savings. It will get sold about thirty years from now, at (I hope) substantial profit. Antiques go up in value, unlike new things which depreciate for decades before they become collectible. For example, a japanese WW2 bayonet was worth $20 when I started collecting in the 1980's...and now they cost about $100 in the same condition. In the future, who knows?

Here is my living room display, all antique military and fraternal swords (the new lion-head sword is the third from the left.) The japanese swords on the stand are all modern, and are just there as decoys for a stupid burgular...

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