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an army buddy of mine told me of this gym that is half a mile from where i go to yeah screw the bus system. gonna go check this place out tomorrow, probably get a basic membership since all i want is to lift weights there.

wow my expectations of the place were blown away. also, gym membership is only $30/month with classes included. sweet. though i still have my planet fitness and anytime fitness is nice because it's 24/hours, anytime is nice because it is 24/hours+has alot of weight lifting equipment, however isn't worth it since i don't have a way to get there other than walking 7.5 miles one way unless i take the bus, but that would be pointless considering the other gym is much closer (2.5 miles, bus can take me there). now i can get my lift on. planet fitness is nice cause it's only 1 mile away, and the bus doesn't come here on the weekends and i can imagine that new gym im going to would be pretty full on weekends considering it has alot of weight machines, so i'll just do cardio on those days at planet fitness.

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