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kind of inhibitor is called non-competitive and these inhibitors typically work by binding to some other site on the service that the proteins to remember that we said in the beginning that in addition to having binding sites for substrates ruins I'm sir complex proteins rate they have complicated 3rd structures and they have surface that often includes cleft other than binding site for the substrate that can potentially at least interact with small molecules and in some cases if those small molecules interact in such a way that the trigger a change in XT Genix the structure the protein that makes it less effective for example by changing the structure in the active site so not set up to conduct to catalyzed reaction in an efficient way then inhibition occurs and there's many different kinds inhibitors that occur it both in nature and that have been made by people and these include things like toxins poisons pesticides antibiotics and many other kinds drugs that we take various things turn out to be inhibitors event I wanted to show you this so many other the antibiotics that we currently use that are commercially available it's och to get infection you go to the doctor they give you a prescription for antibiotic many kids many times what these drugs are actually doing is binding to the bacterial isomerism right so if weave a drug that's that helping treat.
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