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I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm absolutely lost when it comes to computers and operating systems. I am trying to install a program on Windows 7 that is very similar to The Phantom Menace, I'm trying to install the Star Wars Episode 1 Insider's Guide. I have tried to get help with this in other forums but nobody ever replies. I'm hoping someone can help me here, as I think the solution could be the same as what worked for The Phantom Menace.

When I try to install this on Windows 7 I am getting the same message that this program can not run in 64 bit mode. I only have Windows Home version so I am unable to run the computer in XP mode. I see that someone installed TPM on a Virtual PC 2007 and seemed to get it to work. I am so lost, what is Virtual PC 2007? I also see that they ran Windows 98 with it. Do you need a Windows 98 disc for this to work? I definitely don't have one of those anymore.

If anyone could help me out with getting this old Lucasarts title to work with Windows 7 I would be greatly appreciative! Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!
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