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Angry A few questions...

Could you please answer these questions? They've been bothering me since last month:

1. When on Earth is LucasFiles ever coming back online?! It's been down for at least 3 years, and I want to be able to download those files!

2. I've been wanting to post attachments (small files, such as jpg/png/gif screenshots, stuff that might help with any problems I have) since I saw that there was such a feature, but it says "You may not post attachments" under the permissions (At the bottom of any page). When/How on Earth do I ever get attachment posting privileges? Do I have to exceed a certain number of posts and/or threads? If not, how do I get that privilege?

3. What were Windu Chi and Nancy Allen`` banned for, and for how long? I saw in this thread that ZafoftheNinja wanted to contact Windu Chi, but you strictly refused to give contact info. WHY didn't Mimartin (the Super Mod in said thread) just PM the info to him, instead of just locking the thread and saying something along the lines of "sorry, I can't give you the info. It would be against the rules."?

4. Under the site rules, it says that posting porn and/or spam, or creating a duplicate account/evading a temp ban, results in a permanent ban. Why don't you warn them first, give them a temporary ban (i.e. 2-4 years) if they don't listen/apologise, then only (and I mean only) give the perm ban if they try again after the temp ban? Please give them a chance to apologize! It's not fair that they can't apologise, due to a sudden and perm ban! That rule really confuses me.

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