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TOR ate my KotOR
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1. It most likely isn't

2. Feature is availible, but has been turned off.

3. Cannot say. I couldn't give him the information because it is against the rules. I have to obey rules same as anyone else. As to what someone was ban for, can't say. Again rules, we take privacy information very serious. We will not discuss infractions or bans publicly. If the person that got the infraction and/or ban wants to disclose the information to you privately, then it is up to them. Pretty much if someone is banned you can figure our why by reading the rules and understanding they had to violate a very serious one or smaller ones until they ran out of chances. Since I have been a moderator, I have not seen the staff ban anyone besides spambots without serious discussion and debate. If anything we have been slow to ban and given disruptive members way too many chances and plenty of warning.

4. Rule is pretty clear, if you are banned stay off until the ban is up. Common sense really, but I will bring it up in mod chat.

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