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Exclamation No LucasFiles or attachments?! WHY NOT?!

1. WHAT?! WHY do you refuse to bring that site back? Please give me a reason. I WANTED to download those files! PLEASE bring the site back, or at least tell me where (or how) to get the files!

2. So when are you ever going to turn it back on? I want to be able to post attachments, even if I have to have a certain number of posts to do it (say, 50)!

3. I think you should unban those 2, especially since they've been banned for almost a decade, which is quite a long time. I 'm sure they've learned their lesson by now. They probably won't repeat the same offense again.

4. Thanks for at least listening to this one, but I still think 100 points shouldn't be perm. I think it should be at most 3 years

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