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Originally Posted by stargate38 View Post
1. WHAT?! WHY do you refuse to bring that site back? Please give me a reason. I WANTED to download those files! PLEASE bring the site back, or at least tell me where (or how) to get the files!
It costs money to run it and the site owner pays for all of this out of his own pocket, it takes volunteers (which we don't have enough of), and there was not enough use to justify the cost.

2. So when are you ever going to turn it back on? I want to be able to post attachments, even if I have to have a certain number of posts to do it (say, 50)!
Too many pornbots were posting porn, a few people abused the privilege either with uploading too many images with too large a size or inappropriate images. Since we serve people who live in remote places all over the world where internet is extremely slow, we keep the attachments to the very minimum.
That's the reason why only moderators and above can post attachments.

3. I think you should unban those 2, especially since they've been banned for almost a decade, which is quite a long time. I 'm sure they've learned their lesson by now. They probably won't repeat the same offense again.
People who are permanently banned have a. done an offense that is so awful that they need to be kicked permanently or b. have had repeated temporary bans and kept doing something they weren't supposed to.
While we appreciate your desire to give people another chance, our job is to protect the community as a whole. If someone is being terribly abusive to other members and hurting them, we cannot allow that person to continue to post on this site. We don't remove a person just to punish that one person. We also remove a person in order to protect the rest of the community from that person. We don't PM a banned person because they can't access the site at all to receive it. Also, if they've done something bad enough on this forum that we consider them to abusive or even a danger to the community here, you don't want to contact them, either.

4. Thanks for at least listening to this one, but I still think 100 points shouldn't be perm. I think it should be at most 3 years
That's why we give warning cards or lower level points first before a permaban, unless it's something truly awful. The 100 points are usually reserved for pornbots--we don't want them back EVER. We have kids on this site, too, and lots of members who don't want anything to do with porn or drug ads. If someone gets a pornbot virus from this site and accidentally downloads child porn, for instance, it could destroy the careers of teachers, doctors, nurses, child social workers, and anyone else who works with children. We are not going to allow something like that to happen when we can very easily permanently ban that activity.

Thank you for your concerns. I hope this explains some of the reasoning for protecting valued members from predators and people who would like to do us harm.

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