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Originally Posted by stargate38 View Post

4. Under the site rules, it says that posting porn and/or spam, or creating a duplicate account/evading a temp ban, results in a permanent ban. Why don't you warn them first, give them a temporary ban (i.e. 2-4 years) if they don't listen/apologise, then only (and I mean only) give the perm ban if they try again after the temp ban? Please give them a chance to apologize! It's not fair that they can't apologise, due to a sudden and perm ban! That rule really confuses me.
We do warn people. Pornography should obviously be a definite no-no where a permanent ban is warranted, but, and I'm sure other Moderators will agree with this, we've given spammers plenty of opportunity (warnings and infractions and then a temp ban) to reform before resorting to permanent bans.

And if someone chooses to violate a temp ban by creating a sock-puppet then quite frankly they've earned a permanent ban.

Originally Posted by stargate38 View Post
3. I think you should unban those 2, especially since they've been banned for almost a decade, which is quite a long time. I 'm sure they've learned their lesson by now. They probably won't repeat the same offense again.
May I ask why you're so interested in having them unbanned? You're lucky we're even having this discussion, really.

And in any case, as Mim states, we don't discuss bans and infractions with other members, so I'd suggest not dwelling on the issue.
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