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Originally Posted by stargate38 View Post
3. I think you should unban those 2, especially since they've been banned for almost a decade, which is quite a long time. I 'm sure they've learned their lesson by now. They probably won't repeat the same offense again.
Permaban wouldn't be permanent if it wasn't forever. I can't speak for the entire life of LF, staff has changed over the years, but since I have been a mod and super mod there has been logical reason for every ban even those few I was on the not permaban side of the debate.

Originally Posted by stargate38 View Post
4. Thanks for at least listening to this one, but I still think 100 points shouldn't be perm. I think it should be at most 3 years
Points fall off, it is really difficult to hit 100 points, someone that hits 100 is trying and deserves what they get.

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