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"Alpha Leader's suit integrity has been compromised."

Belina looked over at Tariq as she headed over to the communications holocomn. "Is it possible we can get a team to their location? I'm sure I can spare a ship. Possibly a frigate."

She reached the corner and smiled as the image of an armored warrior appeared above the holocomn. "Admiral. I have spoken with my government. We stand ready to assist. And you will speak to your government?"

"I will. And I think I can guarantee full contracts with the Resistance. Access to the specified uninhabited worlds in our agreement and I assume your Government has agreed to the last request?"

"Yes. The Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance will assist one another in times in crisis in accordance with the Ackbar Treaty. As long as the treaty is honored, you can count on us to assist in anyway possible."

"Excellent." Belina grinned. "Stand by to rendezvous with the Third Fleet in the Lakaris sector. Belina out."


"We need to go. It's his battle.

"I...understand." Xandros said quietly as the door slammed shut separating the group of them from Varith and Tyrannus. "Let's get aboard the Hawk and get out of here." He said as he pulled Tavaryn up and supported him as best as he could as they limped towards the Hawk.

"You are most certainly welcome to try old friend."

"She will be loved with us."

"I will hold you to that." Varith muttered to himself as the door closed.

"Friends? Never. A means to an end? Yes." Varith snarled as he avoided the sudden lunge and unleashed a stream of lightning as Tyrannus with one hand while launching another stream of lightning at a power conduit.
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