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Is it possible we can get a team to their location? I'm sure I can spare a ship. Possibly a frigate?

Tariq looked at the admiral and replied, "Alpha team is on standby ma'am. We just need a means of getting there. And I believe that the Ebon Hawk is still on location. Perhaps we should check in with the Jedi."


"Let's get aboard the Hawk and get out of here." He said as he pulled Tavaryn up and supported him as best as he could as they limped towards the Hawk.

Tavaryn did his best to try and stand on his own but it was getting difficult. He could only imagine what Alriana was going to say and he didn't want to worry her more than necessary. He limped along with Xandros helping him and he said, "We need to pick up Tara before boarding."


Jun-la looked at the hangar bay. They had managed to disable the stations defenses so they could make a clean getaway. She looked at Alriana who looked anxious. She said, "They're on their way. I know it."


Friends? Never. A means to an end? Yes.

Tyrannus managed to avoid the lightning by jumping aside but when he whirled he saw what the Cathar Jedi was up to. He shouted, "What are you doing?!"

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