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"Alpha team is on standby ma'am. We just need a means of getting there. And I believe that the Ebon Hawk is still on location. Perhaps we should check in with the Jedi."

Belina looked over at him and nodded. "I think your right." She said as she opened a channel to the bridge.

"Open a channel to the Ebon Hawk as soon as possible." She instructed the comn officer who immediately began attempting to track the Hawk's transponder signature."

"Channel open, Admiral."

Belina spoke as clearly as she could. She could hear static in the transmission which meant that it wasn't the best connection.

"Ebon Hawk, this is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. What is your status?"


"We need to pick up Tara before boarding."

"Leave it to me." Xandros replied as they finally managed to reach the Hawk and he let Tavaryn grasp the ramp leading up into the Hawk. "I'll be right back." He said as he headed back down the corridor and after a few moments of searching he found the AI and grabbed the data-chip containing her and began running back towards the ship.

"They're on their way. I know it."

"Good to hear." Alriana replied anxiously. "We need to get out of here. The station has taken severe structural damage. We need to leave before it collapses."

"What are you doing?!"

Varith smiled sadly. In this brief moment before his death, he was at peace. His daughter would be safe. And he no longer would be what he had once sworn to destroy. "Making sure they can get away. I can't beat you one on one. But as I said to the Shinigami: I am very good with explosives."

Just as Varith hit the power conduit with the force lightning, he unleashed another stream of lightning at a plasma conduit.

Goodbye Velra. He thought as the white-hot explosions of the plasma conduit and the power conduit tore through the room and engulfed the two of them.
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