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Ebon Hawk

Andros had the Ebon Hawk ready to take off at a moment's notice. They were waiting for the last of their group to board and he was getting a little anxious. He could tell that the station was going to collapse. The console began to blink as he kept an eye out and he saw that it was a transmission coming in. He played it.

Ebon Hawk, this is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. What is your status?

Andros replied, "This is the Ebon Hawk. We have the child but still waiting on three. Station structural integrity is rapidly declin..."

He felt the explosion and it was certain that the whole ship shook. He checked the sensors, "Ackbar the structural integrity is failing. We've had a major explosion. Will hold out until..." The comm cut out. "Damn it," he muttered.

Quickly Andros replayed, "Master, we don't have much time. We have to get out."

Jun-la held her lightsaber ready to defend. She felt the explosions under her feet and heard the creaks. She replied, "Roger that. We're still waiting. Be ready to punch it."

Copy that.


Tavaryn was relieved when they made it to the hangar bay and the Hawk was in sight. He saw his niece and inwardly groaned. No doubt he was going to get it from her too. He allowed Xandros to steady him as he limped towards the ship. He had to stop and grabbed the ramp of the ship. He said to Jun-la, "Don't even think about it."

"Oh I'm not Uncle," Jun-la replied holding in her worry. She had seen her uncle limping and with help from Xandros. She knew he was hurt if he was taking assistance. She could only hope that the other Jedi on board wouldn't get too hysterical. "But someone else might."

Tavaryn gave her a scowl as Xandros returned with the data chip that had the AI. He took the data chip and put it in the slot in his powersuit while clutching to the one that the Cathar Jedi had given him. He had felt the explosions but more importantly, he sensed the Cathar and the light side of the Force with him and he sensed Tyrannus until there was nothing more. He sighed as he let Xandros get him inside the ship and towards the medbay.

Jun-la waited until Xeran climbed aboard and said, "Lift off Andros." She jumped onto the ramp and sealed the doors. It was going to be a bumpy ride out. "Go!"

Meanwhile Tavaryn made his way to the medbay and chanced upon Alriana. He stood up straighter though it pained him and said, "I'm all right moi chroi."


Tyrannus lowered his blade as he saw what the Cathar had done. There was no means of escaping this. He had survived before but even he knew when he was defeated. He looked at the Cathar and said, "Well played," and allowed himself to be engulfed by the flames.

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