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Tariq looked at the admiral. It sounded dire but he had always had confidence in the LT. He said, "They will make it. It's Alpha Leader and Jedi Alriana."


Tavaryn saw Alriana's sobbing as she pulled him into her embrace. He stiffened slightly from the soreness but accepted the kiss. He returned it with one of his own on her head and whispered, "It's okay moi chroi. It will be all right."

He looked at the Cathar child and slowly reached up and brushed her tears away gently. He nodded and said, "Your father is a good person. "

He couldn't say anymore since his injuries were catching up to him. He winced trying not to let out a moan but it was low. He tried to reach out for the biobed to steady himself.


Andros guided the Hawk towards the exit. He called back,"Hang on back there. You too sis."

It was hard but he smiled when he felt the reassuring hand of his master. He nodded knowing that they were going to make it. Debris was falling and almost hit them several times but he anticipated and moved. The exit was falling and collapsed just as the Hawk busted through. He gave a victory punch in the air.

"Good work my pupil," Jun- la said giving a pat to Andros' shoulder.

Andros nodded and keyed the com, "Ebon Hawk to Ackbar. We're clear. Repeat we're clear."

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