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Ebon Hawk

Andros heaved a sigh and replied, "Copy that. On our way." He entered the coordinates of the Ackbar. He guided the Hawk to lightspeed.


Tavaryn looked at Alriana and gave a slight smile. He reached out to ease himself into a sitting position on the biobed. He straightened out and looked down. There was a large hole in his powersuit and a nasty gash underneath. There was still blood leaking through. He sighed slightly and said, "And I'm full of holes."

He shook his head and reached out to touch Alriana on her abdomen. She was fine and the baby was fine. Also what had haunted his family for so long was gone. He looked at Velra and gently touched her cheek to dry her tears. "I have something for you a'ghra," he said as he held out the data chip.

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