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Belina smiled. "Good to hear. Now if you'll excuse me for just a moment I need to check on something."

She turned and headed to the other side of the room where a holo-communicator that was built into the wall was beeping. She activated it and the life-size hologram of the armored warrior she had been speaking with before appeared.

"Admiral Belina. We have begun redistributing our forces to rendezvous with those of the Resistance. However, we have noticed a disturbing occurrence among a small sith force that entered Mandalorian territory. Two frigates and a heavy destroyer entered our space and engaged the forces guarding one of our shipyards. We managed to destroy them but we lost two ships while doing so."

The armored warrior paused for a moment. "The Sith Force was unusually well coordinated and informed. They were able to get past our boarder defenses without triggering an alarm and they knew exactly which shipyard was the least defended. We may have an informant in our forces or you may have one in yours. We are currently investigating and I would advise you to do the same."

Belina shook her head. "This is bad. I'll have my forces begin checking outgoing transmissions to see if it's a problem on our end. Belina out."

She turned to look at the group and shook her head as she signaled the bridge. "Begin checking outgoing transmissions. Red flag anything that you see fit to."

"Yes Admiral."

Ebon Hawk

"Perhaps we could take care of it before we get to the Ackbar, the better. Less chance of the viper getting her way. "

Alriana was about to make a comment about the Death Head's medical facilities but thought better of it. "If you want to try and take care of it now you're more than welcome to." She said with a chuckle. "But no matter what happens, you're probably going to be ending up in a bacta tank."

"Your father told me to give it to you and to say that he loves you."

Velra took the offered data chip and held it close to her. "Do you know how to use it?" She asked.
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