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Ebon Hawk

Tavaryn accepted the hug from Velra and already felt love for the little girl. She may not be his but... he had a soft spot for children and was always willing to give time and attention to them. He did so when he was growing up with the Shinigami. He hummed with slight smile as he watched the child but he sobered slightly when he looked at Alriana. He said, "Don't overdo it moi chroi. The baby...?" He held still and then added, "if you want to know, I will tell you about my phobia."

In the meantime Jun-la was greeted by the little Cathar and she smiled saying, "Well it is a data chip. This one looks like it might have a personal message. Lets see if we can get it to show up." She motioned for Velra to come to the console with her.

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