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"Twins? For certain?"

Alriana smiled brightly. "Yes...I wasn't sure at first. It was difficult to tell but I eventually managed figure it out. I was going to go to the Ackbar's medical bay when we returned. You're welcome to join me if you wish." She said in a teasing tone.

"I would like you to know. I would like you to know who I was trapped with. He was the reason why I have some control over my Jedi abilities. If you are willing."

"Of course I'm willing to listen." She said gently.

"Just put it into that slot."

"Okay." Velra smiled as she placed the data-chip in the slot. A life-size holographic image began to form to reveal the former Cathar dark Jedi Varith.

"If this message has been activated, then I have managed to give you a better life then I could have ever hoped for. I was once a paragon of Light and Justice but when your mother was taken from us, I fell to the Dark side and began hunting those that I once considered brothers and sisters of the Order."

The image of Varith smiled for a brief moment. "For years I did horrible things but then I learned that I had a daughter that I never knew about. Your mother came to me in a vision and told me...told me what I had to do. I am sorry for all the years you lived without a family Velra, I can never make that up to you. But I can give you a better future."

The holographic image of Varith looked behind as the sounds of blaster fire began to sound in the background of the image. "I don't have much time. But I want you to know that your Father loves you. And I entrust you to those who I know will always look after you."

"Jedi Alriana and Tavaryn Onashi. I ask that you look after my child and welcome her into your family. I ask that you love her as you will one day love your own children." The image of Varith ignited his lightsaber as the sound of blaster fire began to grow louder.

"You are my redemption Velra. Always remember that."

The image faded after a moment and Velra wiped a few tears away. "Father..." She said quietly.
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