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"They are there moi chroi. I sense them."

"I'm glad." Alriana smiled. "And thank you for agreeing to accompany me to the medical bay when we get back. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous."

She listened quietly as Tavaryn told the tale of being trapped in the bacta tank.

"His name Aiden. He was the Jedi I was to protect. We were captured and Aiden was injured trying to save me. We ended up in the tank and left to die slowly. He continued to save me by instructing me how to use the Force to control my breathing. He gave me the basis to experiment with other abilities."

"If I may ask, how did you survive the encounter?" She asked curiously. "How did you manage to escape the tank?"

"It is okay to cry little one. Remember the good things he did."

Velra nodded and she looked back up as the hologram flashed for a brief moment and the image of Varith reappeared. This time he was sitting in a pilot's chair with the background of a star-fighter behind him.

"Velra. I only have a brief amount of time before I reach the station. The shuttle sent out a distress call and I'm on my way. If you are watching this, then I did manage to rescue you. However, if I'm not there, then I died in the attempt. I only hope that Tavaryn Onashi and Jedi Alriana are the ones who managed to get you off that blasted station. I have a favor to ask of them along with the one known as Jun-la."

"I know that my daughter is force sensitive. I could sense if when I first encountered her. I ask that she be trained in the ways of the Jedi by the one known as Jun-la when she feels she is old enough. I also ask that she be given a home on the Resistance vessel Ackbar for as long as Onashi and Jedi Alriana remain aboard."

The sound of a computer voice echoed through the room from the hologram. "Arrival in thirty seconds. Please stand by." Varith smiled as the hologram shut down leaving an empty space that was quickly replaced by the image of a Cathar woman holding a baby.

"That must be my mother." Velra said quietly as she looked up at Jun-la. "Are you Jun-la? Are you going to teach me how to be a Jedi?" She asked quietly.
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